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One With You

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Welcome to EKA CBD – we’re so glad you are here!

If you’ve found EKA, you’ve likely already done your research on the therapeutic benefits of CBD.  There are so many ways a CBD routine can support your individual needs and lifestyle, and here at EKA we strive to offer only the highest-quality products with full transparency on our ingredients.  If you are ready to experience the benefits of CBD, or you’re looking for better products for your existing routine, it’s important to know who you’re buying from and what’s in your products.  We hope you’ll get to know EKA!

Eka is an ancient word of Sanskrit origin which literally means one or single.


EKA…one with you.

The EKA difference…

Creating great tasting and effective CBD products is both art and science.  Here at EKA, we have both – formulations and processes tested through the development and manufacturer of products for some of the biggest CBD companies in the space AND a craftsman approach to ensure the best consumer experience for quality, flavor and texture.
Made in the USA with care, EKA products are produced for anyone who’s interested in the therapeutic effects of a CBD routine.  With that in mind, we aim to deliver the highest quality at a fair market price.  Shop now and you’ll find the EKA difference.

I use this product to help with anxiety and sleep, and it has made a world of difference. After trying various prescriptions, this has been the best solution for me.”

I’m a massage therapist and I regularly use this on clients with pain management needs – with great success! I highly recommend having this product as part of your natural medicine cabinet arsenal – you won’t regret it! 

First time using a CBD with THC and it was just right! I was nervous that the THC would make me feel loopy and goofy. But I felt steady, happy, and completely relaxed.